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Custom Marketing Resources will help you with your design & marketing
Custom Marketing Resources: helping you to help yourself.
Branding that makes you stand out from the crowd
Retail branding requires something created with great care
Graphic designers have creative vision not computers
Making Art work is a specialist skill that CMR have
Marketing is how you intend to make a profit.
It is what goes on the printed document that is important
Two packages, each providing good value for money.
Graphic design talent converted for the World Wide Web.
Keep in contact with your customers - potential and existing.
The right photograph makes the difference.
Creative packaging to ensure customers buy your product.
Unusual ideas for unique occasions.
Keep up-to-date with everything that is going on at CMR
Experience pays dividends.
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One Call

"CMR are a professional and committed business who always offer us a very high level of service. They have created a simpler web site for our clients to use, and a site that is easily updated. Hence our clients find it easy to navigate, and our costs are reduced giving us best value for money. Thanks Alan, for your expertise and support with our improved website." Simon Millard, TiCCIC

You cannot afford to miss out on the benefits a websites can bring.

Marketing online is crucial today, ensuring your potential clients instantly understand the benefits your business has to offer them. Linking the different parts of your promotions to one another is not an option, it is vital. So a strong branding is essential. Luckily as CMR is one of the best all round design and marketing businesses in Kent you can get everything you need from one source.

New and existing businesses need to get their online presence right. Whether it is a brand new start for a new operation or a total revamp of your existing site, talk to us. Unique creativity comes from listening, asking questions, understanding and making experienced decisions to find the best solutions for your business. Skill, judgement and experience are still major areas you need to find if your marketing is to even stand a chance of being successful.

CMR have met a lot of people recently who have experienced a bad relationship with a previous website designer - or sometimes even an existing web designer who just won't follow instructions. If you are suffering in that way please contact us - CMR are good at doing what we say we are going to do. We are also good at updating your website, quickly, easily and efficiently - while this page was being written a client emailed a new article for his site, in 14 minutes the client had an email back saying "It's uploaded". Easy if you have the right supplier - easy if you use CMR.

Custom Marketing Resources - one of the best all round design and marketing businesses in Kent - on or off line.

"I originally approached Alan at CMR because I needed to help with developing a website that would promote my counselling business. I wanted something that reflected the professional service that I provide and was different to the range of other counselling websites that are out there. I found Alan to be very approachable and he immediately understood the concept that I had in mind. From the text and images sourced, he quickly put together a design that had a strong visual impact and allowed for simple navigation. I feel that it far exceeded my expectations! I found Alan’s ongoing support and advice made it a very easy process, resulting in a product that will head up my future marketing strategy and reaches a larger audience." Jason Colyer, Colyer Counselling


Marketing your business has always changed from year to another. When digital marketing arrived the changes were enormous. Now social media has had a massive effect on how you can promote your business.

It's not rocket science, but it is easy to be mislead by individuals who claim to know how to make it work for you.

Make sure you understand the basics before throwing your reputation into someone elses hands.


"Creative thinking, great design and excellent service"

Howard Leader, new customer for Bespoke Model Buildings

Custom Marketing Resources will help you with your design & marketing