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Custom Marketing Resources will help you with your design & marketing
Custom Marketing Resources: helping you to help yourself.
Branding that makes you stand out from the crowd
Retail branding requires something created with great care
Graphic designers have creative vision not computers
Custom Marketing Resources: helping you to help yourself.
Marketing is how you intend to make a profit.
It is what goes on the printed document that is important
Two packages, each providing good value for money.
Graphic design talent converted for the World Wide Web.
Keep in contact with your customers - potential and existing.
The right photograph makes the difference.
Creative packaging to ensure customers buy your product.
Unusual ideas for unique occasions.
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Experience pays dividends.
Making the 'art' 'work' is

More than ever a professional designer needs vision. "What am I trying to create?" "What's the function of this particular piece of my clients' marketing?" "What are the possibilities?" It's not what is available on computer that gives rise to the finished items but the vision inside the creatives' head that drives the finished marketing ideas to match that specific client perfectly. Artwork should be unique, artwork should be original, artwork should be carefully designed to fulfill the requirements of the brief - written or not. Manipulating the image can replace costly replicas and originals and they can produce a better end product. The vision of an experienced designer will ensure your requirements are made for you to market your business professionally. Avoid free artwork the chances are it has been sold to someone else as well as you!

Front cover below left and inside the open leaflet.

"CMR dealt with our requests
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Now it is possible to assist companies world wide. The creative mind of Alan Reading was working world wide from 22. This page shows an Africa client. He spent time in China & Malaysia too.

The A5 right and business card below were produced by clever Photoshop image manipulation and clean typography skills. Posters are now on display in Kenya too with a new version of the brochure and business cards aimed specifically at the market in Kenya.

Custom Marketing Resources will help you with your design & marketing