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Custom Marketing Resources will help you with your design & marketing
Custom Marketing Resources: helping you to help yourself.
Branding that makes you stand out from the crowd
Retail branding requires something created with great care
Graphic designers have creative vision not computers
Making Art work is a specialist skill that CMR have
Custom Marketing Resources: helping you to help yourself.
It is what goes on the printed document that is important
Two packages, each providing good value for money.
Graphic design talent converted for the World Wide Web.
Keep in contact with your customers - potential and existing.
The right photograph makes the difference.
Creative packaging to ensure customers buy your product.
Unusual ideas for unique occasions.
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Experience pays dividends.
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SYOB Marketing - setting up a new business

Each persons definition of 'marketing' is slightly different. Alan Reading would tell you "It is the way you decide how you are going to make your profit."

If you have a business that isn't providing the profit there are many things you can choose to do. Check internally, production costs, overheads, salaries, if not the first, then marketing is the next area to look at.

Too many people think when they have made some sales and earned some revenue they'll spend it on marketing - WRONG. Marketing gets revenue - not the other way around.

Design and marketing go hand in hand - if you want success. Find a professional designer and marketeer and work with him or her to develop your business, just the way you would work with an accountant or solicitor.

Marketing is not an exact science but experience will always win over guess work. Successful marketing is all about getting the right blend of talent, experience and professionalism. On this website you've found a designer for professional Marketing in Maidstone, Canterbury, Ashford, in fact all over Kent and the south east.

"Alan has helped me every step of the way"

"Alan has been there from the day I decided I needed marketing professionally and thank goodness. He has helped me every step of the way through organising the way the business operates, quitting my job and going full time. From getting me a grant to explaining what is the best and easiest way to do something. Creating a dynamic branding; better than my dream website; a punchy pull up banner; business cards that give me a professional image and promotional material, all working hard to sell my services. Better still he is always available for a call or an email to help me solve a problem." Carrina Shaill, CarrinaJane


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When your marketing specialist produces a range of free articles to help people learn about marketing, you know you have a good one!!! Alan started writing at 22 for international clients!!

"The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time." - Henry Ford

"Alan, your articles on your website are simply perfect for me to learn from." Joseph.

Custom Marketing Resources will help you with your design & marketing